Whole House Plumbing Inspections Should Be Done Once a Year

Illustration of a plumber in a bathroom.

Plumbing repair is something that can cause immediate panic to set in. Homeowners generally fear the moment that their home springs a leak and that is usually because of the great unknowns that come with plumbing problems. Most homeowners are unaware of how to fix the problem. One way to stay ahead of those issues is to conduct an annual whole house plumbing inspection.

A whole house inspection takes a look at all of the plumbing inside a home. This is a form of preventative maintenance, as well as a chance to identify any problem areas. It is a multi-step process that takes a comprehensive look into the state of a home’s plumbing. Here is a glimpse of the advantages that come with a whole house plumbing inspection.

Check for water leaks
While a whole house inspection looks for more obvious signs of water leaks, it also inspects for any sign of a hidden leak or problem with house sewer pipes. Examining all pipes for possible corrosion will also identify a problem that could cause a leak in the not so distant future.

Water pressure check
Low water pressure is a sign of some type of problem and that could be due to a high accumulation of sediment or pipes being corroded internally. Meanwhile, high water pressure can spring tiny leaks that will expand over the course of time. Too much water pressure can also inhibit the lifespan of home appliances. Water pressure can be adjusted to the correct setting during a whole house inspection.

Drainage Check
Signs of slow drainage can signal something other than a clod in the drainage system. It could also be a sign that a vent pipe is blocked. Slight clogs can steadily develop into a blockage which could cause quite a bit of damage.

modern bathroom
A residential master bathroom.

Water heater inspection
Sediment could build up in both a tankless or conventional water heater and needs to be cleaned out. There are several other issues that could impact water heaters and it’s important to make sure none are a danger to the safety of those within a home. A whole house inspection should examine water heaters to determine what type of maintenance is needed.

Most whole house inspections are much akin to getting a vehicle serviced every year. It will function better with a detailed inspection and subsequent repair. Best Rate Plumbing is ready to provide you with a Charlotte, NC whole house plumbing inspection.