The Advantages of A Tankless Water Heater

More and more homes are now equipped with a tankless water heater. New construction is continually featuring this variety while a vast number of homeowners are also upgrading. Here is a closer look at why this has become such a popular option as there are many advantages to using a tankless water heater.

Hot Water on Demand

There is no waiting for water to heat up when using a tankless heater. Water is heated as it is used, which means there is no waiting on a chilly morning for the water to heat up. There is also no worry when it comes to someone flushing a toilet and turning your nice hot shower into a temporary cold one.

Endless Supply

There is nothing worse than enjoying a nice, hot shower, only to have the water suddenly go from warm to lukewarm to cold in an instant. Tankless heaters do not rely on a water tank and that allows them to continue to pour out hot water.

Decreased Monthly Bills

Tankless heaters or more energy efficient than tank heaters. While tankless heaters cost more upon their initial purchase, they have a longer life span. They also decrease monthly energy bills making this a very affordable option over the long term.

More Space

A water heater that comes with a tank takes up a sufficient amount of room. A tankless heater fits neatly onto a wall and does not clog up a room. In a home that is limited in square footage, a tankless water heater could make a big difference.

Standby Loss

One of the top features of a tankless water heater is its capability of eliminating standby loss. The process of reheating water is done on a repeated basis and it increases energy bills. And when no one is there home, a tank water heater still continues to use energy as it continues to prepare to reheat water.

Extended Warranties

The purchase of a water heater typically comes with a warranty. The cost of repairs is then covered by the manufacturer. Tankless water heaters usually last upwards of 20 years and, therefore, come with longer warranties. That means no untimely repair bills in the foreseeable future.

No Risk of a Flood

Water heaters with a tank have the potential to spring a leak. That could lead to extensive damage, although there is not even the threat of that happening with a tankless heater.

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